Our earphones are designed by athletes for athletes.

We offer both wireless and wired sport earphones. Both included specific features that keep the earphones from falling out and permit use in sweaty environments. Further, since our products are designed for endurance events such as marathons, half marathons or triathlon training they have a very soft ear feel so that they can be worn for hours at a time without pain.

Both styles also have notably clear, rich audio that is characterized as very natural.

Wireless Sport Earphones, AW80

This model offers a very important feature for athletes – an IPX4-rated Waterproof Inline control. This control offers the key features that everyone wants: Microphone, Play/Pause, Track Forward, Track Backwards, Volume Up and Volume Down.

We include three different Wing sizes and four different Tip sizes to assure that you can achieve the most individual fit possible for both your Left and Right ears.

Since these are wireless sport earphones, they also come with a sports clip which keeps the cable from bouncing and moving around while racing or training.

These earphones actually are very light in weight and feel light on the ear since they are not “jammed in” like traditional earphones.

They have a battery life of up to 8 hours which is dependent on the Volume level listened to.


Wired Sports Earphones

Our patented fit technology assures that these earphones perform solidly in all types of hot, sweaty conditions that endurance athletes encounter. Our third-generation models enable sweat to drain out naturally instead of clogging up your earphones like other earphones.

They use the soft outer ear tissues to hold the earphones in place so that pain is not a problem, even if they are worn for 5-6 hours straight.

Our premier Zeal models include a Waterproof, IPX4-rated Inline control that includes: Microphone, Volume Up, Volume Down, Play/Pause, Track Forward and Track Backwards for Apple products. The Zeal model also includes very special audio speakers based on nano-technology materials for outstanding sound reproduction.

Exceed models include an Inline control with: Microphone, Track Forward, Track Backwards and Play/Pause. These models will work will all Smartphones.

Both Zeal and Exceed models also work seamlessly with machines at the gym, airplane video systems and other places where a standard MP3 jack is provided for audio listening.

Zeal-Black exceed-Black exceed-white exceed-pink