These earphones offer a new standard in running earphones: full ambient sounds can be heard, no falling out, super sweat resistance and the highest ear comfort in the industry. These products are popular with marathon runners but you do not have to run that distance to enjoy all of their benefits. Workouts of any kind become better with great audio, no ear pain and sweat resistance.

Our patented fit technology keeps earphones held lightly and securely to the outside of ears. Ear canals stay totally open all the time - outside sounds enter continuously and sweat drains out constantly. Forget about the pain caused by jamming small earbuds into your ear canals.

Audio you will actually like. Custom-engineered speakers deliver notably clear, natural sound. Rock your mind with detailed guitar riffs, throaty vocals and pumped up bass.

The new IPX4 rated Waterproof Inline Control on Zeal earphones sports: Microphone, Volume Controls and Track Control/Song Changing.

The updated lightweight Inline Control on Exceed earphones includes Microphone and Track Control/Song Changing.

Your ears will finally be comfortable no matter how long you run or workout.


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