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    Elevate your workouts with the best ambient sound sports earphones in the market. Keep completely aware of your surroundings no matter where you are. So clear that you can hold normal conversations with others while simultaneously listening to your tunes at normal listening levels.

    No falling out - guaranteed. Run, cycle, or workout as vigorously as you want with the confidence that your earphones will stay in place. 2016 model includes New DUOHOLD adapters.

    Super sweat proof. Sweat just drains out of ears under these earphones since ear canals remain open. IPX4 rated Waterproof inline control.

    Step-up to the only earphones with nano technology speakers. Get exceptionally clear, natural sound with very low distortion. Throaty vocals and heart-pumping bass come to life.

    Waterproof Inline control includes:

    • Microphone (Apple and Android phones)
    • Track control/Song changing control (Apple phones or iPods only)
    • Volume control. High-tech damped design for precise adjustment (Apple phones or iPods only)

    Your ears will stay comfortable no matter how long you run or workout with the super soft fit.

    Six different size and shapes of ear fit adapters included.