Personal Smartphone belt with Advance Moisture Protection

This slim, Smartphone belt has the most important features that runners, walkers and athletes working out in a gym want. The new models are more expandable than ever – fits large Smartphones such asiPhone 11/11 Max Pro/XR/XR Max and all previous iPhone models. Samsung GalaxyS10/S10+/S9/Note.

  • Mobile Phone ready. Center pouch stretches large enough to fit: Large Smartphones, KeyFOB and Credit cards/ID/Cash.
  • Sweat proof. Rain Proof.
  • NO riding up and NO bouncing. Premium large grip material sewn to rear surface. Anti-twist design.
  • Advanced moisture resistant design includes waterproof zipper.
  • Reflective stripes on zipper.
  • Four (4) Gel holders.

Ultra slim design looks good everywhere and can easily be worn underneath a blouse or shirt to remain totally hidden.

Choose 1 of 4 Personal style belt colors by selecting an image.

black3 MeteorStreaks blue


Premium All-Weather Smartphone Belts

This premium quality Smartphone belt offers innovative features that attract runners, triathletes, walkers and other athletes.

  • Sweat proof. Rain Proof. design
  • Center pouch designed to fit Medium and Large Smartphones, KeyFOB and Credit cards/ID/Cash.
  • Memory foam cushions and air passages on rear surface keep users cooler at all times compared to other Smartphone belts.
  • NO riding up and NO bouncing. Anti-twist design.
  • Built-in, but removable Bib holder features. This permits users to remove the bib holders for better styling when not racing – which is most of the time they will likely use the belt.
  • Reflective stripes on zipper and Four (4) Gel holders.

  • High-end, ultra-lightweight design with waterproof zipper.Choose 1 of 3 All-Weather belt colors by selecting an image.

Slim Smartphone Belts

Slim, lightweight and very expandable Smartphone belt for carrying a large mobile phone and credit card/ID in an extremely functional manner.

These Sweat proof and Rain proof pouches stretch broadly enough to fit: iPhone XS/XR Max/XR/8+/8/7 or Samsung S9+/S9/S8/S7 and other similar Smartphones.

The widest and strongest strap in the industry assures a comfortable and stable running experience. The strap adjusts to a wide variety of hip/waist sizes.

Most users benefit from placing the phone pouch portion of these belts in the small of their backs for maximum stability.