ClearView™ Running Belt

Instant access to your running or cycling apps without having to remove your phone. This water resistant, lightweight and bounce-free running belt feels feather light and super comfortable. Fits: iPhone 7/6, Samsung S7/S6 and many other phone models, even with protective cases. Note: Runners or cyclists with iPhone 7/6 Plus or Samsung S7 Edge phones should refer to our All-Weather Belt models.

  • Sweat proof and moisture resistant design protects your phone
  • High-quality touch through screen enables you to reply to texts, access apps and internet without slowing down or removing your phone
  • Top access zipper enables easy insertion and removal of phone. Great for quick pictures
  • Separate earphone jack entry holds wire securely

ClearView™ belts are available in 4 colors

black3 green blue pink

Slim Smartphone belt with Advance Moisture Protection

Super slim, lightweight racing and training belt for carrying your Smartphone, keys, ID, cash, gels, inhaler and more.

This slim Smartphone belt has the most important features that runners, walkers and athletes working out in a gym want:

  • Mobile phone ready. The center pouch stretches large enough that even iPhone 7/6, 7S/6S Plus, Samsung S7/S6, S7 Edge phones or smaller fit inside. The high-tech, four-way stretch material is super soft and very flexible. This belt adjusts to a wide range of waist sizes.
  • NO riding up and NO Bouncing. We included premium features not found on any comparable slim belt: Full length grip material on the rear surface as well as patent-pending anti-twist features on the front edges.
  • Advanced sweat and moisture resistant. We included a waterproof zipper and a second, separately sewn inner pouch that stretches easily to keep your essentials protected from moisture.
  • Reflective details along the entire length of the center pouch for safety.
  • Four (4) gel holders.
  • Slim, ultra-lightweight design looks attractive no matter where you are.
Choose 1 of 4 Slim style belt colors by selecting an image.

black3 MeteorStreaks blue pink


All-Weather Smartphone Belts

Innovative All-Weather Smartphone Belts work effectively in heavy sweat, rain or high humidity conditions. These belts incorporate Advanced Moisture Protection features to inhibit moisture from reaching your Smartphone: Waterproof zipper and a separately sewn inner pouch with a special moisture-resistant coating.

These super durable belts fit large, popular Smartphones such as: iPhone 7/6, Samsung S7/S6

No bouncing, twisting or movement during running, walking or cycling. Endurance athletes will also appreciate a few other distinctive features of these slim, lightweight belts:

Choose 1 of 7 All-Weather belt colors by selecting an image.

black purple

gray black1 yellow