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    Slim Smartphone belts can be used for running, traveling, cycling, hiking and more. These belts work effectively in heat, rain, snow or high humidity.

    Fits: iPhone 11/11 MaxPro/XR/XR Max and all prior generation iPhones. Samsung Galaxy
    S10/S10+/S9/S9+/Note and all prior generation Galaxy models. Phones fit even with protective cases attached.

    These belts are made from high-tech, four-way stretchable material lined with impermeable rubber. Thus, they fill any Smartphone. Additionally, though, athletes also have room for credit cards, ID, room key cards and KeyFOB.

    Ideal for travel, Passports fit comfortably inside.

    The highly ergonomic shape and sturdy strap material enable NO bounce and NO riding up performance.

    Four (4) Gel/Fuel holders are also built in for easy access during training or racing. Those needing an Inhaler can also use one of those exterior holders for that purpose.

    Travelers appreciate that since this belt is so slim it can easily be placed under a shirt or blouse and become totally hidden. Athletes can use this same strategy in a gym.

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    Item # PERBLT200K