About Us

AURIA was started after the frustration its Founder had with using earphones while running and cycling with music. He believed that a better solution was possible to help athletes enjoy the motivational effects of listening to music. He wanted earphones that: were super comfortable, did not fall out, were sweat proof and enabled users to hear ambient sounds while listening to music at normal volume levels.

After more than two years of development and dozens of prototypes, AURIA introduced its initial models. In each subsequent year, the company has enhanced and improved the original design. New materials and advancements in technology have led to smaller, lighter and even more comfortable models.

As mobile phones got larger and heavier, the AURIA team also saw an opportunity to develop advanced Smartphone carriers that were lighter, streamlined and more functional than others in the marketplace. In 2014, AURIA advanced its offerings further by introducing the market’s first All-Weather Armbands and All-Weather Smartphone racing belts. These products each have unique methods to stop moisture from reaching sensitive Smartphone electronics. The design team focused on maintaining the sleek, lightweight design language from the original armbands and Smartphone racing belts.

The Company strives to help athletes to improve their training and racing experiences.