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    This Gift Pack features AURIA AW80 Wireless Sport Earphones and AURIA All Weather Armband.

    All Weather Armband

    This All-Weather Smartphone Armband works effectively in a wide variety of training and racing environments, including: heavy sweat, extreme humidity and even rain.

    This armband incorporates a series of patented Advanced Moisture Protection features that inhibit moisture from reaching your precious Smartphone: edge-to-edge sealing underneath the outward facing neoprene surface, a Velcro- closed top flap that prevents moisture from reaching your phone from above and a thin, totally impermeable moisture barrier that is placed inside of the rear surface of the armband.

    AW-80 Wireless Sport Earphones

    The AW-80 offers a very important feature for athletes – an IPX4-rated Waterproof Inline control. This control offers the key features that everyone wants: Microphone, Play/Pause, Track Forward, Track Backwards, Volume Up and Volume Down.

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