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    This Holiday Bundle features AUIRIA's Sweatproof Rainproof All Weather Armband and the AW80 plus Wireless Sport Earphones.

    All-Weather Armband Ultra

    Lightweight, Sweat proof and Rain proof armband uniquely protects large Smartphones and allows placement of essential items in one secure place. This armband is designed to operate in extreme conditions including: heat, rain, high humidity or snow.

    Striking features include a cushioned strap and a cushioned rear surface. Comfort is unmatched and the patented strap prevents slippage.

    AW-80 plus Wireless Sport Earphones

    The AW-80 plus offers a very important feature for athletes – an IPX6-rated Waterproof Inline control. This control offers the key features that everyone wants: Microphone, Play/Pause, Track Forward, Track Backwards, Volume Up and Volume Down.

    This bundles MSRP is valued at $129.98

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