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    This Gift Pack includes a pair of AURIA Exceed Sport Earphones and a pair of Kid's Hear Right earphpones.

    Exceed Earphones

    Your run or workout only gets better with the best ambient sound sports earphones. Keep completely aware of your surroundings no matter where you are. Exceptional clarity enables you to hold normal conversations with others while simultaneously listening to your tunes at normal listening levels.

    No falling out. Run, cycle, or workout as vigorously as you want with the confidence that your earphones will stay in place. Patented fit technology. Super sweat proof. Sweat just drains out of ears under these earphones since ear canals remain open. Superior comfort for hours. Your ears will love the super soft fit. Audio you will actually like. Custom-engineered speakers deliver notably clear, natural sound. Exceed sport earphones feature a highly-stylized Inline control which works on both Apple and Android products.

    Hear Right Kid's Earphones

    Hear Right Kid's Earphones are designed for ages 4- 10 years old.
    1. Kids hear safely. Speakers have Volume limit built in to OSHA safe hearing standards.
    2. Kids can still hear music and outside sounds – including parents. AURIA patented design.
    3. Earphones are comfortable. Kids can listen to videos or play games for long periods without ear pain.
    4. Earphones do not easily fall out.
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